The Destination of the Kicked Can

A recent blog post addressed why so often one’s words contradict one’s actions.

It reasoned that since most people don’t think that they’ll ever be held accountable for the words which oppose their actions, there is little incentive to remain honest.

However, not all liars are that confident.

Some realize that culpability is an eventuality – someday.

To them, as long as someday is in a land far, far, far away, there is no immediate pressure to correlate today’s words with actions.

Instead, they play a dicey game of kick can of lies down the road – hoping that maybe, just maybe, time can turn the inevitable into the escapable.

Until the day that they run out of road.

That is the day they learn that the long and winding road doesn’t lead to your door. It leads to the truth.

38 posts down – 327 more to go…

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