Adult Bullying is Alive and Well

Most people think that bullying ends long after we’ve ran off the playground and tossed our graduations caps in the air.


Some (and by some, I mean bullies) would be happy to know that adult bullying is alive and well.

Bullying runs rampant in our politics, our corporations and in our courts. Only as opposed throwing sand, adult bullies toss threats. And instead of taking our milk money, adult bullies try to steal our livelihood.

But, much like child bullies, adult bullies cower when you fight back – just like in the movies.

While bullies of all ages can dish it out, there are no bullies who can actually take it.

So whether you are ten years old or fifty – never, ever, ever, ever, ever give in to the bully.

35 posts down – 330 more to go…

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