The Moxie

My love affair with words is no secret.

It is one of the reasons why I subscribe to Dictionary Dot Com’s “word of the day”.

Other reasons include my never-ending quest for inspiration, and the need to brush up on my vocabulary – in case I ever decide to retake my SATs.

While raising a family, building (rebuilding) a company, writing a book, daily blogging, learning the law and pursuing justice keeps me fairly busy, I may just squeeze in a few hours to see if I can beat my 1986 SAT score.

Who knows.

Anyway, I awoke this morning feeling uninspired and unsure of a topic for a blog post.

That is until I received notification that today’s “word of the day” arrived:

Moxie is defined as courage, nerve and determination – the quintessential traits of a Stoic.

It was a reminder of why these “daily rantings of a Stoic” have become so important to me. What began as a whim on new year’s day, has since become a mission. And, who knows, perhaps one day I’ll transform this new year’s resolution into a brand. Creating brands is another passion of mine.

Since I am obligated to use the word of day in a sentence, here goes:

“In case anyone tries to pilfer my Stoic brand (it happens way more than you’d ever expect), I’m prepared to rebrand as the Moxie.”

Ahhh, the rebrand. Now that’s a post for another day.

34 blog posts down – 331 more to go…

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