How Can You Tell When a Liar is Lying?

There’s an old joke that goes something like this:

“How can you tell when a liar is lying?”

“Easy. His lawyer’s lips are moving.”

Or maybe it’s…

“How can you tell when a liar is lying?”

“Easy. His lawyer’s nose is growing.”

No, that’s not it either. I am having trouble remembering the punchline. Probably because it isn’t very funny.

On the contrary, it is really quite sad.

It is so disheartening how corrupt society has become.

Today, duplicity is so rampant throughout our Government, our corporations and our media, that it has become the norm when it should be the exception.

It doesn’t even faze us anymore.

And many lawmakers and lawyers perpetuate this culture of corruption by creating loopholes in laws or clauses in contracts that grant licenses to cheat, lie and steal without consequences.

Worse, they are rewarded for their efforts in legalizing corruption and keeping justice far out of reach.

That is their devious plan – to ensure that laws are too difficult to comprehend and that justice is too cumbersome and expensive for most to pursue.

But they have miscalculated. They are not unbeatable. They can be defeated by anyone with perseverance, internet access, a hunger for knowledge and a quest for truth.

It’s time for accountability to be had and for honesty to prevail.

32 blogs down – 333 left to go!

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