Some Courts Birth Legacies, Other Courts Give Rise to Movements

Different people excel in or on varying types of courts.

In addition to sporting one of the most iconic mullets in history, Andre Agassi shines on the tennis court.

While he was no Derek Jeter on the baseball field, Michael Jordan owns the basketball court.

Perry Mason outmaneuvers opponents in a courtroom.

While these courts have been known to give rise to legacies, it is in the court of public opinion where revolutions are born.

This is the court that catches the crimes that fall between the cracks; where, collectively, we as a people prevail.

Its power is exemplified in the #metoo movement. Although there has yet to be one guilty verdict, careers and companies have already been decimated by the court of public opinion.

While I may not have a strong backhand, I can’t make a half court shot, and I don’t have a law degree (yet), I have built brands, promoted brands and even performed crisis management for brands. If there is one court I understand, it is the court of public opinion. And I can state with certainty that the magnitude of its present influence is unprecedented.

31 posts down – 334 more to go.

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