The Last Word

I love words. I’m inspired by them. I collect and treasure them.

Often, when I’m writing, I can’t get enough of them. But I know that not every beautiful word can find it’s way into a piece.

I especially love the last few words.

It is often those final words that make or break an article, a poem, a song or a story.

I tend to save my best words for the conclusion, and I typically write an ending long before penning the beginning.

Because those last few words possess the ability to linger in a thought provoking infinity, they hold enormous power.

But, last words must be chosen with great care. You only have one chance to use them effectively. Last words lose complete potency when followed with additional words, rendering them, former last words.

This is why last words in a disagreement are often meaningless and detrimental.

Yet some people are mentally incapable from walking away from a heated exchange without uttering the final word. They simply can’t help themselves from supplementing their words – even when it weakens or destroys their entire position.

For them, having the final word is worth the cost of losing the entire argument.

Words are one of those instances where more isn’t necessarily better. It’s just more.


30 post down – 335 more to go…

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