Sometimes Strength Finds You

A few days after my son was delivered via c-section, he developed a fever in the hospital.

I was still recovering from the surgery and was having a lot of trouble walking.

The nurses kept insisting that the only way for me to heal was by walking around.

I refused. It just hurt too much.

Then a nurse came in to tell me that my son was being taken to the NICU to have a spinal tap in order to determine the cause of the fever.

Upon hearing this – miraculously – I had somehow mustered the strength to jump out of the hospital bed and sprint down the corridor to be with him.

Thankfully, he turned out to be perfectly fine. And, he’s still perfect in my eyes.

Anytime I think I’ve exhausted all my strength, I reflect on that day. It’s a reminder that we don’t need to search so hard. Strength has a way of finding us all on its own.

27 posts down – 338 more to go…

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