Stepping Forward

Yesterday’s post was about stepping forward – even when it necessitates walking through shit and dangerous debris.

Out of sheer coincidence –  or maybe a sign – an old poem I wrote in 1997 called, Stepping Forward, just appeared on my facebook memory feed.

I had posted it 2 years ago, a few days after my son, then 10 years old, handed me a piece of paper that read, “could’ve, should’ve and would’ve”, and asked why I despise those three words.

I explained to him that there is nothing sadder than going through life wishing you had done things differently.

The conversation made me think of my old poem. Although I wrote it when I was single and searching for love, the poem has nothing to do with love at all. The poem is simply about living without regret.

Anytime I find myself starting to second guess a decision, I re-read it. And then, like a Stoic, I take a giant step forward.


Stepping Forward



26 posts down – 339 more to go…

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