The Path of Most Resistance

From trodden, ever-traveled trails to desolate, hindered roads, life is a journey from one pathway to the next.

While some are navigated with ease, others require tenacity.

Although I can’t be sure whether it is conscious or not, I seem to keep finding myself, laying footprints, on the most obstructed roads.

It appears that, according to HG Wells, losers take the path of least resistance. In keeping with Wells’ line of thought, I must be a winner. Indeed, a big EFFIN WINNER!

“Come on down. Tell her what she’s won, Johnny…”

Please, Johnny, don’t let it be a brand, used, crockpot!

Stoics keep on laughing and they keep on stepping forward – even when the road is blanketed in shit and barricaded by dangerous debris. For, all Stoics know that there will soon come a day when those muddied footprints will reveal a story of great triumph.

25 down – 340 more to go…

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