The Road to Self Discovery is Paved with Blood

I have this remarkable ability to find humor in every situation. It’s what keeps me going even during the tough times. It was a gift that that my Grandmother passed down to my Dad, who then passed on to me.

I inherited my work ethic from my Grandfather who reluctantly retired at 76. I have a habit of getting immersed in assignments, lose complete track of time and even forget to eat. I wouldn’t prefer it any other way.

My other Grandfather had a talent for singing. Yeah, that gene skipped me. But it never restrained me from singing in public.

My Mom’s Mom handed me two gifts: her hunger for knowledge and her perseverance. She was unstoppable. She put herself through college in her sixties simply because she felt like being enlightened. Like her, I am a perpetual student who never, ever, ever, ever, ever gives up.

While I cherish all of these attributes, the one I am most thankful for is the one I received from my Mom. She gave me her heart.

In honor of her 50++ birthday, today’s post is dedicated to my Mom – my strongest advocate, best friend and the kindest most selfless person in the history of the world.

John Mayer questions whether our characteristics can wash out in the water or if they are always in the blood. Thankfully, they can never be washed away. They are cemented in the pavement that leads to self discovery.

23 posts down – 342 more to go…

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