The Great Big L.I.E.

When I was 17, I was petrified of merging onto the L-I-E, also known as the Long Island Expressway to non-New Yorkers.

I’d be frozen at the onramp, for what seemed like forever, waiting for the perfect moment to make my entrance.

Many gave me the finger. Others would take the time to roll down their windows and curse me out. It didn’t matter. Even though I knew that by remaining motionless I’d never reach my destination, I was physically unable to make my move until I was absolutely sure there wasn’t a car in sight.

I eventually overcame my fear of the “merge” as I gained experience and more confidence in my driving skills. Now, I boldly swoop right in. Oncoming traffic no longer intimidates me. And I enjoy just cruising along in the fastlane.

Life is kind of the LIE onramp. If we are halted by fear, not only will we never get to where we’re going, we’ll never even get the chance to appreciate the ride.

20 blog posts down – 345 more to go…

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