Walk Tall or Don’t Walk at All

One could master a lot from Bruce Springsteen lyrics.

In fact, it was Bruce Springsteen who said that we can learn more from a 3 minute record than we can ever learn in school. Or something like that. (By the way, kids, a record is a circular object with grooves that plays music when touched by a needle.)

In the same song, Springsteen encouraged us to never retreat, never surrender. I wont, Boss. I won’t.

But one of my favorite Springsteen quotes is, “Walk Tall or Don’t Walk at All” – meaning, that if you are going to do something, do it with pride and confidence; otherwise, don’t bother doing it all.

Something tells me Brice Springsteen might be a stoic.

18 blog posts down – 347 left to go.

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