Guest Post from a Stoic in Training (S.I.T)

Hello! I am the stoic-in-training that my mother, the stoic extraordinaire, keeps talking about. Let’s call me the S.I.T! And please, don’t pronounce it as “sit”, say S–I–T.

My mom is so busy dealing with slime at the moment that I have to fill in for her today. She has been working extremely hard to fight off the slime that has been attacking her throughout the past few years. And I must say, I admire her courage. She knows how to fight slime, and, even as a young girl I see this.

My mom is a champ. I think I get that from her. Today, at school, I was playing Ga-Ga ball. It’s a game that takes place in a hexagon or octagon – I didn’t count the sides. The point is that it was a roundish pit with edges that includes a ball. Obviously, it includes a ball. All of the best games include balls. To hit the ball, you use anything but your waist and below. Your head, your hands, you name it! If the ball touches anything waist and below, then you’re out

I am a professional when it comes to Ga-Ga ball. Pro-fessi-on-al! I hit the ball really hard and always get people out, and I stay in a long time. Today I was only in a game and a half. Here’s why: I was against three other kids out of, like, thirty. Everybody else was out, and just as I was about to hit the ball really hard with my knuckles, somebody else hit it. Now, authentic Ga-Ga ball pits have sand or grass at the bottom. This one, however, had cement.

Do you know what happens when you punch something rock-hard really fast? I do, as today, I did just that. My hand scraped against the flat, hard stone floor – for the third time! Blood was coming out of five different places. Three on my middle finger’s knuckles and the two fingers’ knuckles next to it, and below my middle finger and my index finger! The scrape under my index finger was the worst. I won’t even describe it, or the pain I felt. All I will say is Ga-Ga ball got me there three times, that same spot. I went inside to wash the blood off and when I came back out, guess what I did? I went straight back to Ga-Ga ball.

Why am I telling you this? Well, my situation at Ga-Ga ball is similar to my mom’s with slime. My mom keeps getting attacked by slime, but it never stops her. She keeps on going. We both do. We will never stop persevering. Ever.

 16 down, 349 to go! (I think)

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