“Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere”

Anyone who knows me can attest that I am a quote junkie. I jump on any opportunity to absorb inspiration from words.

In honor of what would have been his 89th birthday, today’s inspiration comes from the words of Martin Luther King Jr. who once said:

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

Especially in this #metoo #timesup era, King’s words really resonate.

I’ve been troubled by the recent reports of harassment victims being coerced into signing settlement agreements that contain non-disclosure clauses. Because such clauses are intended to conceal despicable – and in many instances illegal – behavior, could these agreements constitute an injustice that threatens justice everywhere?

I think so.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not in any way blaming the victims – many of whom signed under duress. When faced with the option of settling and walking away quietly with your dignity intact and your family unscathed or face endless smear attacks not to mention the exorbitant costs of litigation, the easier and more appealing choice is to discreetly walk away and move on with your life.

Unfortunately, walking away only ensures that the conduct will continue and that more individuals will be victimized.

I applaud those who had the courage to break their silence. It could not have been an easy decision. But rarely is the laudable decision the convenient one.

Martin Luther King Jr., too, saw an injustice. While he could have easily ignored it and have lived out a quiet and peaceful life, he chose to fight for justice everywhere. He paid the ultimate price – his life.

Sometimes you just need to stand up for what is right so that justice can prevail. No matter the costs. No matter the hardship. No matter the backlash.

15 blog posts down, 350 more to go…

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