Committing to Blogging Every Single Day is Really Freaking Hard

On January 1, 2018, I began executing on my new years resolution: to blog every single day in 2018.

And for the first three days, I was on a roll. I was totally committed – just like the many out-of-shape Americans who overcrowd our gyms during the first week of every January.

Then, today I had a setback. I have felt uninspired all day. Every time I tried to write, I found myself pushing aside my keyboard, grabbing a pen and starting to doodle.


While I was doodling, I came to the realization that blogging EVERY SINGLE DAY is really, really hard. It is even harder than all of my past resolutions to give up pretzels – which always seem to end up with me eating pretzels.

Committing to blogging every day might just be the dumbest idea I ever had. As I sit here dreading this decision, I realize that I have just successfully completed blog post number four.

Only 361 more to go.

I so got this.

I think.



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